PC Bundle for schools

This offer is limited and all PC's come with 12 month warranty.

Please note option 2 is not currently available

Ethernet cabling from PC's to hubs is not provided.


Lenovo HP DELL


PC bundle deal

Limited Offer while stocks on demo PC's are available.


The offer is for 16 demo PC's (Option 1) 1 x Laptop 1 x Printer 2 x Lan Hub Switches and includes deliver charges Australia wide.

Option 1 Core 2 Duo 3ghz, 4gb ram, 160 gb hard drive, media drive, keyboard, mouse, powercords,19inch LCD screen

2 x 16 Ethernet lan hub switches.
Laptop :Intel corei3 2.3ghz, 3mb L3 1600mhz, 4gb ram 14 inch screen
Laser network Printer
Delivery Australia wide.


this price includes GST

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Performance of lamps has improved over the past 2 years.

Quality and preformace go hand in hand. The quality of the image is reflected in improved lamp technology.
All of our lamps are suitable for 1440p and 1080p High Def..

  • We also have a full range of Hard Drives suitable for your PVR.

    If you are not sure once again email us your make and model number so we may offer you what the manufacturer suggests.

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